This is your very own special page!


Fact: We have herein created the equivalent of a Internet black hole, an "infinite loop" as it is referred to in programming, a "circular reference" in Microsoft Excel.   Whatever you call it, it isn't good, it can suck you in so fast your head will spin, and disappear.  Actually your whole body would spin and disappear if you got too close to a black hole.  Ironically if you went in feet first your very own screams would never even reach your very own ears.  We think about things like that.  But please don't dwell on it though as we have it on good authority it is unlikely you will ever fall into one.

 And here it is, in all its gory, we mean, glory...








Here is how it works:

To get here you already pointed your phone at this symbol on another page.  Here on this page, just above, is the same symbol.  If you now point your phone at this symbol (obviously in a mirror) it will take you right back here again. 

No matter how hard you try to surf away you will forever be stuck on this page.  Scary huh? 

And thus we have almost exactly recreated the effects of a real live black hole - without all the downer gravity part! 

Were we right when we said this would be a "special" page or what?

Okay.  We are nice people.  Would we steer you to a black hole with no way out?  Heaven forbid.  Don't tell anyone else but if you click the text just below you will be whisked safely away to our favorite website, of course, our own website.

To TechWorks Unlimted and Beyond!