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About TechWorks Unlimited

TechWorks Unlimited Inc. has been in business over 10 years. For an IT company 10 years is an eternity.  Most IT firms are around for a year or two - then they disappear.  Poof!  All your good money gone to waste.  We aren't going anywhere and that is good for you and your business.  We have clients who have been with us for years and years and they still love us!  If they ever have any problems we know their business inside and out, so we fix it fast and get out fast.

What else you should know

Not only have we been in the IT business for a very long time, we have been in the area forever.  And we mean forever.  Every single one of our employees is a Brevard native - it is a requirement to work here.  We all grew up here, went to college, and then moved back here - because we love it here.  We wouldn't move if you paid us to! 

We know IT but we know lots more

Today IT touches everything.  Your business runs on computers and you can't do anything without them.  We appreciate this fact.  But we also recognize the much bigger picture too; that no company works in a vacuum.  Everyone needs other things too.  Since we have lived and worked in this area for so long, we know lots of other people and businesses.  This means we can help you in non-technology areas too.  Plus we have a tons of history solving loads of totally non-technical problems for people.  In other words, we do IT, but we aren't just geeks.  We are seriously well rounded geeks we are.

For example...

Here is our QR Code.  What is a QR Code?  Well of course it is a "Q"uick "R"esponse code, a freely distributable matrix barcode (that's right, from the movie "Matrix").  It was created by Toyota in 1994 who decided not to enforce their patent rights but to allow it to be used for the good of all mankind (or perhaps to offset their awful karma from their innovative line of self-accelerating vehicles). 

If you are looking at this website, and you own a phone with QR Code recognition (most new phones), you could (nay should) point your phone at this symbol, and as if by magic your phone's browser will open to a very special page created just for you.  How cool is that?

They say bigger is better ... in regard to QR Codes that is!  Look at the size of that guy's QR code will ya?


QR Codes: Cool technology and geek art form.


Our mantra is "manta"

Don't look now but you can find us on manta!  What's manta you say?  Well if you don't know kick the icon below and see!

TechWorks Unlimited Incorporated

If you own a business and you are not on manta repeat this mantra clearly: manta, manta, manta.

Here are those two guys again.  Now they're talking about how much TechWorks knows and how good TechWorks is at fixing things.  We love these two guys!