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Admittedly we don't know the guy below but he seems like an okay guy.  He certainly dresses well!  At TechWorks we are a bashful lot and don't really like our pictures taken.  So pretend like the man below is one of us.  Frankly, when you see us in person, you'll think we are way better looking.  Following is a quick run down of our CEO and fearless leader, Scott a Smith.  Scott originally started TechWorks and Scott still drives TechWorks only now he has others to help him steer and use the brakes occasionally.

Executive Team

Scott A. Smith

BS in CS, Software Engineer with over 30 years IT experience using literally 1000s of languages, huge IBM and Amdahl mainframes, smaller DEC and Harris minicomputers, Sun workstations, PCs of all flavors, Apples (Lisa, Mac, to iPad), you pretty much name it, all the way down to itty bitty microcontrollers.

We cringe at using overused and old clichés but as they say, if the shoe fits, wear it.  Scott doesn't think outside of the box, Scott has never seen the box.  To say that he approaches things differently than most is a huge understatement.  Ask anyone that knows him - they will tell you, "Scott is not normal".  Frankly this is what drives him and to him this is the highest form of endearment.  No matter what he is doing, Mr. Smith's approach to things is decidedly different.  His varied experiences allow his fresh perspective on old problems.  Want the standard answer?  Then don't ask Scott!

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