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Products (oh, and services)

TechWorks offers what ever you want because you are the customer and the customer is always right ... but mainly we offer services.  IT Services to be specific.  This loosely translates into anything you need hardware or software-wise.  Want to have the best, cheapest, most reliable setup available?  That's what we do best.  Have a system freaking out?  We are great at doing that too.  Problems with your Internet, email, viruses, routers, network, printers, software, coffee makers, you name it - we do that too.

It is really surprising how little a super reliable system can cost.  Want to know?  Call us.  We will tell you.  We will even specify exactly what you need and we will help you order it, from Dell, Microsoft, Apple, etc.  We take care of all the details.  We make it nice and easy.  The whole thing.  From start to finish.  When we are done - you will be happy.  That's what counts!

But wait, TechWorks isn't just a service company.  We make things too.  Admittedly we haven't actually sold many of our products yet, but we keep trying.  Look up to the right where it says 'Products Designed'.  These are just some of the fun things we have designed.  Check out our latest eyePad below.  We call it that because it has a pad that you look at with your eyes. 

Okay we are just kidding about this.  The truth is we do have real products but we can't tell you about them because then we would, wait for it, have to kill you.  Okay. Kidding again.  Seriously though - we do have products that we really want to mass market but if we put them here (on the Internet) anyone could see them.  You will see them sometime.  Just not here.  We will devote entirely different websites to them when their time comes.

BEHOLD - Our two very first products below!



EyePad Version 1.0

Pad on clipboard you look at with your eyes.
MSRP: Depends on the quality of clipboard and pad (~3 USD)




EyePad Version 2.0

And they said it couldn't be done! Can you believe this? A yellow legal pad, on a clipboard, that you can look at with your very own two eyes.
MSRP: As the saying goes "If you have to ask ..."


Products Designed

  • TechWorks Designs Brain Bowl Timer Using Lego MindStorms
  • TechWorks Designs Long Duration Camera System Controlled by STAMP Processor
  • TechWorks Designs Experimental Apparatus to Prove Bees Can Perform Simple Math