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Here is our best promotion: If we can't fix it - you don't pay.  Let us look at the problem.  Let us think about it.  We will tell you what we think it will take and how long it will take us.  Then let us at it.  If we fail - the burden is on us - not you! 

Keep in mind that we are frequently asked to fix computers that are infected or otherwise maligned.  In this case we can only guess what evil lurks inside your hardware and what demons have been unleashed in your software.  It is entirely possible that your machine is toast.  Can we still fix it?  Almost always.  Is it worth the cost - not always.  We will let you decide before we do anything because you're in charge.  Only you know how much you paid for it, when you bought it, how attached you have become to it, how much money you have for a new one, how bad you want a new one, etc., etc.

These are the questions you have to ask yourself to decide whether or not you want to fix something.  It isn't unlike getting work done on a car.  If your engine is blown does it make sense to fix it or dump it and buy a new one.  Only you can answer that question.  We can help you but it is solely your call.  And just like fixing your car, if we fix the engine and discover the transmission is shot, we can't tell that up front.  Sometimes the more you dig the more you find.  You may start to fix it and decide it just isn't the right decision the deeper you go.  We are here to help and we won't steer you astray.  Too often we see business and home owners spending more than the hardware is worth to fix.  Its painful and we know it.

That being said it takes some amount of effort to configure a new PC.  It takes time to take it out of the box and hook it up.  It takes more time to turn it on and go through all the initial setup.  More still to download updates, patches, etc. to basically set the thing up so it is in perfect shape for you to use.  The setup time required for a new PC has to be part of the fix/replace decision.  We see a lot of systems in use which have never really been completely set up.  When we're done you can bet the PC is completely ready to be put into service.  Done right - it will be fast and last for years without problems.  Done wrong - it will never reach its real potential and will be much more susceptible to failure.  We hate seeing good money go to waste.  We really do.

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